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South Lake Tahoe Beaches

map of south lake tahoe beaches

1. Baldwin Beach
Baldwin is the most western beach of the series of sandy beaches along the southwest side of South Lake Tahoe. When you enter you can choose from two sides of the beach, and both are very similar. There aren’t many rocks in the water here and not much shade either.
On-site amenities: BBQ pits
Directions: From South Lake take Hwy 89 towards the western side of the lake (this is a right turn at the “Y”). One mile north of Fallen Leaf Lake Rd is a clear entrance on the right hand side.
Parking Fee: Yes

2. Kiva Beach
The beach here is a very large flat plain that sits at the mouth of a creek. Note that the walking in the water is a bit rocky in the beginning until you get out a bit farther. The surrounding views are very nice, including those of the nearby Mt. Tallac.
On-site amenities: Bathrooms, picnic area, BBQ grills, playgrounds and more.
Directions: From the city of South Lake Tahoe take Hwy 50 to the “Y” and take a right onto Hwy 89. Continue 3 miles and turn right onto Fallen Leaf Lake Road. Go past the Visitor’s Center to the beach parking lot.
Parking Fee: No

3. Camp Richardson Beach
A full service marina is located here, along with a number of tourist amenities at the resort itself. The beach is very long and has great views of the area.
On-site amenities: The Camp Richardson resort offers a marina, water skiing, sailing, fishing charters, sailboat cruises and more.
Directions: Take Hwy 89 North at the “Y” in South Lake Tahoe. From there, the beach is located 2.5 miles north.
Parking Fee: Yes

4. Pope Beach
This is one of three southwest area beaches that are similar and close by eachother. Pope is the eastern beach, and is one mile long and about 300 feet wide. On the other side of the beach is a marsh. Overall, this is a great beach for families as there is a lot of sand and room to move around as well as clear and shallow water. The beach is also relatively sheltered from the wind.
On-site amenities: Bathrooms, picnic areas and BBQ grills.
Directions: Take Hwy 89 from the “Y” in South Lake Tahoe. Drive 2 miles north to the entrance, which is south of Camp Richardson. The parking lot spans the length of the beach.
Parking Fee: Yes

5. Regan Beach
If you are looking for more of a park-like experience, then Regan Beach is just that. Since there are many watersheds that empty into the lake here, the water is a little more muddy.
On-site amenities: Bathrooms, picnic areas, volleyball courts and playgrounds.
Directions: From South Lake Tahoe take Hwy 50 West and turn off onto Lakeview Ave. until you reach the entrance.
Parking Fee: No

6. El Dorado Beach
This beach is very similar to the park-like nature of Regan Beach, as they are located adjacent to one another. El Dorado also features BBQ grills. Both of these beaches are very nice although not your typical Lake Tahoe beach experience.
On-site amenities: Bathrooms, picnic areas, BBQ grills and playgrounds.
Directions: This beach is located right next to Regan Beach. Take Hwy 50 West in South Lake Tahoe and turn onto Lakeview Avenue. The entrance will be on this road.
Parking Fee: No

7. Connolly Beach
This is a small beach but centrally located in South Lake Tahoe and easy to access.
On-site amenities: Boat launch, bathrooms and picnic areas. There are no firepits here.
Directions: In South Lake Tahoe the beach is located just off of Hwy 50 near the Timber Cove Lodge.
Parking Fee: No

8. Nevada Beach
One of Lake Tahoe’s longest beaches (and also windiest), Nevada Beach is an extremely popular spot. It has a very wide and long stretch of sand with views of most of the southern shore.
On-site amenities: Campground, bathrooms, parking and canoe/kayak rentals (provided by private companies, during certain dates only).
Directions: From South Lake Tahoe take Highway 50 North for a few mile and take a left on Elks Point Rd. The state park and campground is located at the end of the road.
Parking Fee: Yes

9. Round Hill Pines Beach
Go to Round Hill if you want all the services you could possibly ask for. The beach itself is a well maintained and 1/2 mile long.
On-site amenities: Heated swimming pool, barbeques, catering, tennis court, food services, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, marina, water skiing, jet ski rentals, and more.
Directions: From South Lake Tahoe, go north on Hwy 50 a couple of miles and you will find the entrance after the bend that comes after Elks Point road.
Parking Fee: Yes

10. Zephyr Cove
Sheltered by a tall surrounding hill and trees, Zephyr Cove is a small but beautiful beach with golden sand. The southern side features the hub of tourist activity, with boat rentals, photography, and a dock for Lake Tahoe Cruises. The marina also is home to many parked boats just a few yards into the water. The northern end of the beach is less dense commercially, and has some nice picnic tables along with a rock outcropping to climb on.
On-site amenities: Boat tours, boat rentals (paddleboat, canoe, kayak, jet ski, etc), bathrooms, photography and more.
Directions: From South Lake Tahoe take Hwy 50 North past
Round Hill. The entrance will be shortly after passing Church St.
Parking Fee: Yes

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